The Wiggle fairy has been

Well my wiggle delivery has arrived!
Two large water bottles, energy drink tablets, a snazzy Assos cycling cap to keep the sun off my bounce, extra frame protection patches, some warm up muscle rub… And some chamois cream (arse lard!)
Time to think about packing ….


2 Responses to The Wiggle fairy has been

  • johnny says:

    have no fear, I have Le Chant in the Sat Nav, and the telephone number on my phone… that day from Blois to Montlucon is gonna be a killer, 147.5 miles :(
    warn the locals there will be a grumpy/cursing Englishman passing through ;)

  • Stu says:

    Jon, just hope you’re recovered enough for a couple of leisurely rides out again this summer! I recognise my home village in your banner! Nice shot!

    All the best for the trip, you’re a brave man! You know where we are if there’s anything you need mate! Love to you & yours, and we’ll catch up over a beer or three soon! X

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