There goes the Bottom Bracket!

So there I am, pushing to get home from work yesterday and I hear a grating squealing type sound whenever I put force through the pedals…

I free wheel a while, no noise, spin up and the squeal grind starts up again. Oh dear, it would appear after 3 years of use that Scarlet’s Bottom Bracket is shot… poor girl!

Anyhow, I slowed up and nursed the squealing girl home, considering my options as I went:

  1. Take bike to bike shop, get new BB fitted and get the headset bearings done, wheels aligned and a general service
  2. Don’t be such a lazy git and do it myself

So I ended up on option 2, and those good folks at Chain Reaction Cycles are now dispatching my nice new Ultegra Hollowtech II BB!
I have the tool for the job, and reckon it will be a simpler task than when I did Betsy’s which is an older style Square Taper job , so watch this space!

In the mean time Scarlet gets to put her ‘feet up’ at home, whilst Betsy will once again commute.

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