Things I don’t get…

People watching is a fascinating past time. But throws up questions on what you observe.

First up, why is France a real smoking culture? They can’t light up fast enough, especially the younger ones – wierd and daft!

Second, girl walks into cafe, orders a coke… Sits, reads, drinks a third of the bottle, pays 3€ and leaves the rest?
Don’t they have recession en France?

And true to good old French health and safety, they put the merry-go-round slap bang next to the tram lines – to which there is no barrier.

Finally I am the only person I have seen wear a helmet, and there are loads of folk riding bikes around the city.
Maybe the sun softens the Tarmac :)

Good grief, 5.30pm, had I a change of clothes I would be heading back to get tidied up before dinner… As it is I shan’t bother :)

One Response to Things I don’t get…

  • mum says:

    Glad you are enjoying the surroundings. Still hot here but a bit hazy. Haven’t been far today just had lunch and sat reading the paper. Saw kids yesterday for an hour – they are fine. Might go for a walk in a minute but feeling real lazy. Enjoy the rest of your day and take care.

    Love Mum

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