Thomas ‘can win Tour de France’

Geraint Thomas can win the Tour de France, according to his fellow Team Sky rider Sir Bradley Wiggins.

Wiggins, the

2012 Tour de France winner,

has heaped praise on the Welshman but says he needs to concentrate on being a specialist.

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This season will probably define what he ends up doing in the next few years

Sir Bradley Wiggins

Wiggins said: “He can win any bike race he turns his attention to and I include the Tour de France.

“He’s got so much talent, determination, he’s one of the hardest people I’ve ever met on a bike.”

However, in an interview for

BBC Sport Wales TV,

Wiggins says there is a danger the

Commonwealth Games gold medallist

will spread himself too thinly across different events.

“I think he’s in a difficult positions now, because because he can do so much he’ll end up doing everything and maybe not specialising in one thing,” Wiggins said.

“This season will probably define what he ends up doing in the next few years.”

The 28-year-old Cardiff cyclist became the first man from Wales to win a Commonwealth cycling gold when he won a dramatic road race in Glasgow.

He admits Wiggins has a point and told the BBC that

he wants to start winning races for himself

after being given a contract extension by Team Sky.

Wales' Geraint Thomas celebrates gold

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Glasgow 2014: Wales’ Geraint Thomas wins road race gold

“It’s obviously nice to hear when someone like Brad, who you respect and look up to and seeing what he’s done. It gives you that confidence boost and that belief.

“I’ve always done a bit of everything: grand tours, week races, classics. I definitely feel like I need to pick one really and go for that next year and I’ve done that.

“With the results I’ve had, I feel like I’ve stepped up that level and it’s time to decide where I want to go and go for it.”

Watch the full interview on Sport Wales at 19:00 BST on BBC Two Wales on Friday, 22 August and afterwards on iPlayer.

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