Thomas encouraged by Tour efforts

Cyclist Geraint Thomas

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Thomas has signed a three-year deal with Team Sky

Geraint Thomas says he has been encouraged by his performances during a “tough but enjoyable” Tour de France.

The Welshman also praised green jersey winner Mark Cavendish, describing him as the “fastest guy in the world”.

Thomas, 25, signed a new three-year deal with Team Sky last week after showing signs of his long-term potential during the event.

He wore the Tour’s white jersey for the best young rider from stages one to seven, and made three top-six finishes.

Thomas though lost team-mate and podium favourite Bradley Wiggins from the tour on the seventh stage when a multiple pile-up left him with a dislocated shoulder.

But the Cardiff-born rider was still able to take lots of positives from the tour.

“I feel totally wasted. It’s tough for sure. It’s the biggest bike race in the world and is a recipe for pain and suffering,” he said.

“As for the team, we had a bit of bad luck with Brad [Wiggins] and the crashes, but we were able to bounce back and win two stages.

“Morale and confidence was very good in the team, and I had a very enjoyable three weeks.

“I thought I could have a good first week but the mountains were something I had never done before.

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Cavendish is the best sprinter of his generation, if not all-time

Mark Renshaw

“But it was a very enjoyable and very encouraging.

“Being in the thick of the action all the way through was great.”

Of Cavendish, who became the first British winner of the green jersey for the race’s best sprinter, Thomas said: “He is not a bad bike rider, is he? It is great to see him doing so well.

“He is the fastest guy in the world.”

That view of Cavendish was supported by his HTC team-mate and leadout man Mark Renshaw.

The Australian, 28, said: “Cavendish is the best sprinter of his generation, if not all-time.

“We’ve got an exceptionally strong team built around Mark Cavendish, and it works really well. It’s well drilled and we’ve had great success.

“We put that down to every rider committing to each other, and that’s why the train runs so well.”

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