Time to check the bearings…

Well half way into work today I started to hear a clicky ticky type of noise… I looked down, nothing rubbing on the chainrings, I looked to the rear and the rear mech seemed in line and gear changes were crisp as ever.

Cone SpannersOh heck, what is the noise and where is it coming from?

I stopped and checked for anything loose, nothing giving, so I continued in to work.

The noise was there again, all the way home, and present when free wheeling, not just when turning the cranks, so I think there is a fair chance it is the bearings in the rear wheel.

Well I had been wondering what to do this evening, and now I know… this evening I shall mostly have the cone spanners out and be checking/replacing the bearings and repacking the grease in the rear wheel hub.

To be fair, I have never done it on this Scarlet, and she has covered a few thousand miles over the last couple of years, so it doesn’t come as a shock.
And with Mrs Johnny out, I have run of the lounge in which to work :)

Need to get it sorted this evening so I am all set for a ride out to Cheddar Gorge and Wells on Friday to watch the Tour of Britain!

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