Track Cycling World Championships: BBC TV times and event schedule

Jason and Laura Kenny

Jason and Laura Kenny are just two of seven Olympic champions in Britain’s squad

Follow the 2018 Track Cycling World Championships from the Netherlands live on the BBC from 28 February to 4 March.

Husband and wife duo Jason and Laura Kenny are both competing together for the first time since they won gold medals at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

The Kennys are two of seven Olympic champions in Britain’s 22-strong squad in Apeldoorn, with Ed Clancy, Katie Archibald, Elinor Barker, Phil Hindes and Callum Skinner also selected.

Laura rides in the team pursuit on Wednesday and Thursday and Jason in the team sprint on Wednesday.

Katie Archibald and Elinor Barker are defending their world titles, whilst junior Lauren Bate makes her debut at a World Championships, riding in the team sprint.

Jill Douglas and Chris Hoy present the BBC’s coverage, with commentary coming from Simon Brotherton and Chris Boardman, and every evening session live on BBC Red Button.

Great Britain squad

Men’s endurance: Dan Bigham, Ed Clancy, Kian Emadi, Ethan Hayter, Chris Latham, Mark Stewart, Charlie Tanfield, Ollie Wood

Women’s endurance: Katie Archibald, Elinor Barker, Ellie Dickinson, Emily Kay, Laura Kenny, Emily Nelson

Men’s sprint: Jack Carlin, Phil Hindes, Jason Kenny, Ryan Owens, Callum Skinner, Joe Truman

Women’s sprint: Lauren Bate, Katy Marchant

TV coverage and event schedule

Wednesday, 28 February

17:30-20:00, BBC Red Button and online

Three gold medals: Women’s Scratch 10km, men’s and women’s team sprint

13:00 – 15:44

Women’s Team Pursuit – Qualifying

Men’s Team Pursuit – Qualifying


Opening ceremony

17:30 – 20:02

Women’s Team Sprint – Qualifying

Men’s Team Sprint – Qualifying

Women’s Scratch 10 km – Final

Women’s Team Sprint – First round

Men’s Team Sprint – First round

Men’s Team Pursuit – First round

Women’s Team Sprint – Final

Men’s Team Sprint – Final

Thursday, 1 March

17:30-20:20, BBC Red Button and online

Four gold medals: Men’s Team Pursuit, Men’s Scratch 15 km, Men’s Keirin, Women’s Team Pursuit


Women’s Sprint – Qualifying 200m t.t.

Men’s Keirin – 1st round

Women’s – Sprint 1/16 Final

Men’s Keirin – Repechages

Women’s Sprint – 1/8 Final

17:30 – 20:21

Women’s Team Pursuit – First round

Women’s Sprint – First Quarter Final

Men’s Keirin – Second round

Men’s Team Pursuit – Finals

Women’s Sprint – Second Quarter Final

Men’s Scratch 15 km – Final

Women’s Sprint – Quarter Final

Men’s Keirin – Final (places 7 to 12)

Men’s Keirin – Final (places one to six)

Women’s Team Pursuit – Finals

Friday, 2 March

17:30-20:35, BBC Red Button and online

Four gold medals: Men’s Points race 40 km, Men’s Individual Pursuit, Women’s Sprint, Women’s Omnium


Men’s Sprint – Qualifying 200m t.t.

Women’s Omnium – Scratch 7.5 km

Men’s Sprint – 1/16 Final

Men’s Individual Pursuit – Qualifying

Men’s Sprint – 1/8 Final

Women’s Omnium II – Tempo Race 7.5 km

17:30 – 20:37

Men’s Points race 40 km – Final

Women’s Sprint – Semi-Final (1st)

Women’s Omnium III – Elimination

Women’s Sprint – Semi-Final (2nd)

Women’s Sprint – Semi-Final (3rd i.r.)

Men’s Individual Pursuit – Finals 3-4 1-2

Women’s Sprint – Final places 3-4 1-2 (1st)

Women’s Omnium – Final Points race 20 km Finale

Women’s Sprint – Final places 3-4 1-2 (2nd)

Women’s Sprint – Final places 3-4 1-2 (3rd i.r.)

Saturday, 3 March

14:45-16:30, BBC One

17:30-21:00, BBC Red Button, Connected TV and online

Five gold medals: Women’s 500m t.t, Women’s Madison 30 km, Women’s Individual pursuit, Men’s Sprint, Men’s Omnium IV


Women’s 500m TT – Qualifying

Men’s Sprint – Quarter Final (1st)

Men’s Omnium I – Scratch 10 km

Men’s Sprint – Quarter Final (2nd)

Women’s Individual Pursuit – Qualifying

Men’s Sprint – Quarter Final (3rd i.r.)

Men’s Omnium II – Tempo Race 10 km


Women’s 500m TT – Final

Men’s Omnium III – Elimination

Men’s Sprint – Semi-Final (1st)

Women’s Madison 30 km – Final

Men’s Sprint – Semi-Final (2nd)

Men’s Sprint – Semi-Final (3rd i.r.)

Women’s Individual pursuit – Finals 3-4 1-2

Men’s Sprint – Final places 3-4 1-2 (1st)

Men’s Omnium IV – Final Points race 25 km

Men’s Sprint – Vitesse Final places 3-4 1-2

Sunday, 4 March

12:30-15:25, Red Button, Connected TV and online

13:00-14:45, BBC Two

Four gold medals: Women’s Points race 25 km, Men’s Kilometre t.t, Women’s Keirin, Men’s Madison 50 km


Women’s Keirin – First round

Men’s Kilometre TT – Qualifying

Women’s- Keirin – Repechages


Women’s Keirin – Second round

Women’s Points race 25 km – Final

Men’s Kilometre TT – Final

Women’s Keirin – Final places 7 to 12

Women’s Keirin – Final 1 – 6

Men’s Madison 50 km – Final

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