OK, so the things that contact the ground, the tyres. In short make sure they are properly inflated and in good order pre ride, and use your eyes to check them over after a ride.

tyres, look after them, it's all that stands between you and the road!


  • Look for bits of flint embedded in them – if you find any, get them out! I use a small pen knife blade for the task. Leave them in and as the wheels turn the flints will dig further and further in until POP! The puncture fairy comes a visiting!



  • Look for wear, look for tears, and use some common sense, a small cut isn’t a problem, a gash in the side wall is!


  • Before you ride, check the tyre pressures – a tyre up to pressure will have be less prone to puncture and will roll a whole lot better. If you don’t already have one, head out and buy a decent track pump, you’ll easily get to 120 psi for a road bike and also a darn site easier than with a frame mounted pump. Personally I use a Topeak JoeBlow having tried and broke a couple of cheaper options. A good track pump is one of the best things you will ever buy!

Remember, that rubber is all that stands between you and the road below, so make sure it is in good shape!



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