Victoria Williamson: Injured GB cyclist aims for 2018 Commonwealth Games

Victoria Williamson

Victoria Williamson said she was lucky not to be paralysed after the crash

Cyclist Victoria Williamson says she is “pretty confident” she will be fit to compete at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The 23-year-old fractured her neck and back, dislocated her pelvis and slipped a disc in her neck in a crash during a race in January 2016.

Williamson was named in a revised Great Britain Cycling Team last month.

“No-one really knows how long it will take me to get fit. At the rate that I’m going, I will be race fit by early next year,” she told BBC Radio Norfolk.

Williamson continued: “There could be obstacles in the way, or I could exceed even quicker than that.

“I reckon in the next three to six months, I’ll have more of an idea about when I’ll be race fit, but the aim is to be back fully within the team in the next three to six months or however long it takes.

“I need to be race fit again. There’s no point in shoving me in if I’m going to be really bad because for a start it’s not good for my morale, but at the same time I need that race exposure to get used to competing, the adrenaline and the nerves.”


Williamson was initially told she had to spend eight weeks in hospital, but left in half that time

Norfolk’s Williamson spent four weeks in hospital after the accident at the Zesdaagse event in Rotterdam and is on an intensive rehabilitation course at Bisham Abbey Sports Centre.

She said: “They base care on about two to three injured athletes at a time and there are maybe 10-12 staff, so the care is two or three to one.

“We just work through an intensive programme there to make sure I’m functioning correctly and basically in a good enough state to return to Manchester and slot in with the team.

“I think if I was to be in Manchester obviously I’d be miles behind but also they’ve not got the time to spend with me – I need that one-on-one care to get back to the standard.”

Next year’s Commonwealth Games takes place at Australia’s Gold Coast from 4-15 April.

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