When things go wrong…

OK, bit of a rant coming on, so be warned! ;)

First up, my vehicle gets hit in a car park, the sly worm who caused the damage sneaks off and parks further down the rank… got away with it did he?
NOPE! Thankfully a witness watched, made notes, and left me a message and contact details on the windscreen. What a star, and one of those moments that restores your faith in humans.

Wish I could say the same about the accident management service from Network, the lease company. Initially they were over it like a rash, repairer would come and do it at my place, no bother. Expect a call after the weekend…

OK, OK, I admit, they didn’t specify which weekend! Me being daft assumed they meant following the Saturday and Sunday that were but 24 hours away… How silly of me.

Anyhow, a call to them today and they said they were unable to get that to happen, so it would be a case of one of their repair garages doing it. Well, they have told me to expect a phone call… best not hold my breath, eh? :D

righty, rant over… apologies :)

I see Bertie just took a tumble in the tour… Karma isn’t done with that lad by a long chalk!
Yesterday, on the uphill finish to stage 4, it didn’t seem the same Contador who danced over the mountains in the last tour… reckon he needs to look at his diet, a good steak will sort him out! ;)

To finish on an upbeat thing…
There are some advantages to having offices above an Italian restaurant… Especially when the landlord owns said establishment… ;)

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