Who stole my sunshine?

Awoke this morning to bird song and sunshine… perfect skies and all calm and peaceful… then reality hit and the raised voices of the kids reminded me it was indeed the Summer Holidays!

6 weeks of no school, I remember it well, good times. But alas for me it was a normal Monday morning, so up, breakfast, shower and the ride to work.

Now I will admit I was feeling a little hungover sleepy due to the consumption of 6x last night, but time waits for no man, not even Johnny with a headache, so down with the paracetamol and on to the bike.

Well it has to be said that cycling has many mystic and magical properties, and it didn’t let me down this morning either. Within minutes of being out the door the head was clear and I was enjoying the morning. I took it pretty easy, still nursing a sore knee, but the 20 miles into Bath still only took an hour and 12 mins. Betsy was out for a first run since changing the cassette to a SRAM PG850 11-28, and performed perfectly, no problem with the indexing and the SRAM cassette definitely seems to shift smoother and be less ‘clicky’ than the Shimano it replaces.

It would be good to have the gearing a little closer in the mid range, but since this is all set up for commuting when the weather gets bad, and I have put the rack back on, I think it fits the bike perfectly.

So, why “Who stole my sunshine?” when the day and the riding sounds so good?

Well as I start to think about getting sorted for the ride home, the clouds have come over and the rain has started to fall…  Ah well, it’ll still be a good ride :)

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