Wiggle – what has gone wrong?

It has been an age since I wrote anything here, and that due to life getting in the way really, and whilst there is much I would like to have written, it is a shame that my first post back is a whinge…

My lad has recently bought himself a new bike, a Decathlon Triban 3. He’s only 12 and not the tallest, but the 48cm frame is spot on, and a smashing bike at a brilliant price point it is too. Certainly £300 well spent. He’s been on the turbo with it a few times, and has been out the last two Sundays with a local group, and his climbing and legs are developing nicely.

Given his love of riding, I decided the time had come to make the switch from flat pedals with little toe clips used with training shoes, to road shoes and pedals for him, and without hesitation I placed an order with Wiggle for some Shimano SPD-SL pedals and DHB road shoes. I’ve ordered a load of stuff from Wiggle over the last 5 to 6 years, and always been perfectly happy with it, plus the DHB kit I  have bought has always been of a good standard and well priced into the bargain.

Well this time things didn’t go quite so well. The kit was ordered at the start of the half term with the idea it gave him plenty of time to practice with a clipless system whilst off school, but firstly Royal Mail tracking reported it was being “returned to sender” due to an unreadable bar code, then Wiggle informed me it was back with them a couple of days later – whilst at the same time it turned up on my doorstep! Well, ok, stuff happens and it arrived at least despite Wiggle not really knowing what was going on.

Unfortunately the shoes were tight (order a size up with DHB shoes), and so I used the return system and sent them back, ordering the next size up for next day delivery so that he would still have time to get used to them before the Sunday outing.

So the next day I set off to work leaving the rest of the family waiting in for the shoes to arrive – I am sure they would rather have been out in the sunshine, but hey ho!

They hadn’t turned up by lunch time, so I checked the tracking which said they hadn’t yet been shipped, and yet Wiggle said they had been – confused.com! A simple phone call would have given the answer, but Wiggle don’t want you to talk to them anymore, instead you can only email, and if you are lucky you get a reply in 48 hours! Customer Service at its worst.

I did manage to call the courier, and they confirmed the package hadn’t been collected as yet, and so despite next day delivery being selected and paid for, I wouldn’t see the shoes until after the weekend – not what I wanted to hear, but honest and truthful, and I appreciate that.

I sent Wiggle an email asking for the surcharge for next day to be refunded, and highlighting the lack of service – to be fair the refund on next day was processed, but here we are 2 days later and I still have no shoes! The tracking says they were signed for by a name that is unknown to us, and a card through the door said “Parcel OUT BACK”, but no parcel could we see.

Two days ago I brought this to the attention of  Wiggle, simply asking them to either refund me or supply the goods as per the order – honestly I’ve had enough of it… they acknowledged the email, but it has been radio silence from them for 24 hours. So as it stands we have no shoes, they have the money and the chances of me shopping with them again have rapidly taken a nose dive!

Indeed I shall be removing the links to them that I carry on the site as a favourite retailer, and I certainly shan’t be recommending them to friends any more – many of the cyclists I ride with have been appalled with the tale.

So, I will give it until this afternoon, and then I will start phoning any number I can find for Wiggle, and one way or another get this farce sorted.

Come on Wiggle, play the game, there is a 12 year old lad waiting on his shoes, it’s only been 10 days, eh!?!?!?!?!?!


rant over ;)

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