Wrapping Bar Tape

I think that in the same way that clean alloys make a car look good, clean new bar tape can really makes a bike look the part.

Having recently re-wrapped Jnr’s drops in some Bontrager blue tape, I looked at the tape on my Virtuoso and on my Trek with some dismay – it was rather grubby, and no matter how clean the bikes were, the tape certainly told the story of several thousand miles covered.

So, off to my local bike shop, and I shortly returned with Bontrager black for Betsy, and Bontrager white for Scarlet!

Now I am not going to go into too much detail on how to wrap the tape,  there are a hundred and one videos out there that show just how and I never believe in re-inventing the wheel.

Instead my pointers are

  1. clean the old tape off thoroughly
  2. leave a good overlap when you start wrapping so you can tuck it in and secure with the end plug
  3. wrap from the inside and come out over the top of the bars away from the frame (clockwise on the right side, anti-clockwise on the left)
  4. Have some good sharp scissors to hand to finish off
  5. take your time, it isn’t a race!

Now with all that said, I think the following video covers it pretty well, and a good point of reference if needed.

Please note, I don’t use LizardSkins bar tape, (though I do use their patches), nor am I promoting them, but it’s as good a demonstration as any :)


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