YSPOTY 2012 nominees: Quillan Isidore Q&A

Quillan IsidoreQuillan Isidore

Quillan Isidore is a BMX rider, who this season has remained undefeated in the British BMX Series Junior Men’s class.

At the UCI World Championships in Birmingham in May, he claimed victory at every stage in the competition to become the Boys Under-16 category champion.

Away from competition, Quillan has a role as a mentor and coach at the Peckham BMX club.

Here, Quillan answers the questions set by the BBC News School Report team from Farringdon Community Sports College in Sunderland.


Q: Who has been the most influential figure in your life?

A: CK, my former coach. He taught me self discipline, organisation, the importance of training and never to give up and always to strive to do my best.

Q: How do you balance training, education and social life?

A: I have learnt to plan everything around my training programme. I try to get all my school work done during the week at lunch times, free periods and on long train journeys to training camps.

I train six days a week. I try to go out with my school friends once a month but I count my training on the BMX track as my social life, as I’m training with my friends and this is my passion in life. But I don’t see my girlfriend as much as I would like.

US BMX star Bubba Harris was a role model for a young Quillan US BMX star Bubba Harris was a role model for a young Quillan

Q: When you were younger, who was your role model?

A: Bubba Harris, because he used to win everything and make it look so easy with his natural style. He was always very supportive to little kids who looked up to him.

Q: If you weren’t doing the sport you do now, what sport would you be doing?

A: Football – I was a goalkeeper for the South London Under-11s schools team.

On a Saturday morning this always caused me a dilemma as to whether I should go to BMX training or play for the school team in the league matches. When I went to secondary school I finally dropped football for BMX.

Q: What can’t you live without?

A: My BMX bike!

Quillan leads the Boys 16 field at the UCI BMX World ChampionshipsQuillan leads the Boys 16 field at the UCI BMX World Championships

Q: What is your favourite music and does it help you train or perform better?

A: Hip-Hop, rap and R’n’B. I listen to a variety of music depending on what situation I’m in.

For example, I listen to songs that keep me calm and focused before a race like Jay-Z Kanye West. And when I’m in the gym I listen to something more upbeat.

Q: Where do you see yourself in four years’ time?

A: Training as a full-time athlete and hopefully the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Q: What is your view of support via social networking sites?

A: I have a positive view on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. I’ve had professional BMX athletes who I’ve never met before send me messages which have been very encouraging because they are showing an interest in me.

Also through my Twitter feed, when I speak about my training I’ve had little kids saying they’ve got tips from what I have written – so inspiring and encouraging people to train is always a delight.

Q: What has been your sporting highlights of 2012?

A: Winning the (16-year-old category) at the UCI BMX World Championships in Birmingham.

Q: What is your view of sportspeople who take performance-enhancing drugs?

A: They are cheats who have let the sport and themselves down. They are people who are not willing to push harder in training to succeed and they’re jealous of athletes who perform well without the assistance of artificial stimulants.

Article source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schoolreport/20556929

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